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In today's economic environment every one needs to look for savings.

By reducing overall costs there is generally more money around to spend on other things and often the effort to reduce costs brings other benefits too.

Making sure all your PCs power down outside of hours is one area where this has never been truer.

By shutting down PCs automatically, you save around £30 for every PC at your Site and substantially reduce CO2.

Previously, integrating an effective system to automate the process was expensive, time consuming and frustrating but with TaskForceCO2 you can get to grips with your PC power management in just minutes.

With TaskForceCO2 in control you can forget about messing around with scripts and you don't have the problem of device drivers getting in the way of your shut downs either. Just automatically find your PCs in the TaskForceCO2 console, design your preferred power scheme, including what time to shut down and deploy them direct to the PCs.

All you have to do then is sit back and save!

Shutting down PCs Automatically gives you real, immediate benefits ………

  • Saves an average of £30 per PC per year

  • Reduces CO2 by default

  • Improves health and safety

  • Reduces vicious circle effect on air conditioning by reducing room heat

  • Prolongs equipment life

  • Speeds up the opening and closing of the working day

  • Shows employees, management and customers you take environmental issues seriously.

TaskForceCO2 makes life easier.

When you use TaskForceCO2 you also get to record your financial and CO2 savings so its easy to show Management how much you have saved.

Here is the best part - Normally £995, during our offer you can get a Completely Unlimited TaskForceCO2 Site Licence for just £495 and you also get 2 years Free Support and Upgrades included too saving a minimum of £338 over the period!

To order your licence and pay by Credit / Debit Card just click the 'Buy Now' button below next to your desired option.

TaskForceCO2 Unlimited Site Licence
Just £495
TaskForceCO2 Unlimited Multi-Site Licence Just £995

Alternatively, to order and pay by invoice just email your order to sales@peachworx.com

We will email your licence and unique login details so you can get your power management under-way.

Terms & Conditions
Delivery via Download.
We accept purchase orders from Education and Corporate organisations.

Optional renewal for Support & Upgrades for Site Licence is £169 commencing year 3.
Optional renewal for Support & Upgrades for Multi-Site is £295 commencing year 3.
UK Licence only. For European or WorldWide Licensing please contact us.
Most users save 100's times the cost of TaskForceCO2 renewal so its an easy call as to whether to renew or not when the time comes. 
All prices Exclude VAT.

TaskForceCO2 - The Affordable Power Management Software



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